Carleton Place a premier concert showcase

The Town of Carleton Place is quickly becoming known as a premier concert showcase in the Ottawa Valley.It's being announced today that legendary Canadian folk star VALDY will play "Up Close & Personal" at the Town Hall Auditorium on Frday
November 23rd. Being announced also is the return of iconic Canadian superstar Murray
McLauchlan to Carleton Place for a show on September 29th.

On May 4th, another outstanding Canadian folk performer, Garnet Rogers will play "Up Close & Personal at the Presbyterian Church in what now will be the first of three premier performances to be staged in Carleton Place this year. McLauchlan played two sold out shows at the Town Hall Auditorium last October and will return for an encore performance to be held this time at the Presbyterian Church. For Valdy it will be the first time that this "charismatic Canadian institution" will perform in this town.

For seven years in a row (2004-2010) the RIVERSIDE JAM COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL hosted some of the top names from both Nashville and the Canadian country music scene here. While this was happening a more subtle concert series was being developed and quietly put together by Carleton Place based singer/songwriter Lyle Dillabough under the title of "Up Close & Personal." In April of 2006 highly acclaimed Canadian 70's folk/rock artist Ray
Materick made his first of four "Up Close & Personal" concerts at the Carleton Heritage Inn formally known as the Mississippi Hotel. Ironically, this is the same building that; Dillabough, the late Ron "The Fox" McMunn, a small group of dedicated Carleton Place residents
and the legendary Stompin' Tom Connors all worked successfully together to save from demolition in 1989-90.  It is also the place that Stompin' Tom wrote his first big hit "BIG JOE MUFFERAW" in 1967. Other concerts followed featuring local artists such as; Pat Willbond, Jack Denovan, Darlene Thibault, Arlene Quinn, Kathleen Stroud, Jamie McMunn, Davey Drummond, Ted Daigle, The Ottawa Valley Review and others.

Then came the highly touted and successful McLauchlan concerts last year. The event furthur demonstrated that Carleton Place was emerging as a serious player in the Canadian entertainment scene. The Garnet Rogers and Valdy concerts are a joint presentation of the
"Carleton Place In Concert" Committee and Lyle Dillabough Productions. The Murray McLauchlan "encore" performance is a joint SRC Music and Lyle Dillabough Production.
All the people involved in this initiative seek to make Carleton Place a "happening spot" and it seems to be working. Dillabough has been receiving calls from agents representing artists from all over North America who are impressed by the concept of "Up Close & Personal.'
Details of these and "other' upcoming shows will be posted shortly on