Dandelion Foods comes to Almonte

There’s something about Almonte.

It’s something magnet felt by visitors to and residents of alike. It pulls in good people with good ideas, mixes them together, and produces a town that cultivates creativity, celebrates natural beauty, and embraces community.

Included in this collection of people are Sharon Lazette, Mike McGarry, Meg Pettipas, and Farhat Sultana, worker/owners of Dandelion Foods, which will soon inhabit the addition to the Equator building. Providing a much-needed, healthy alternative to box store brands, Dandelion will make eating well easy by offering choices to the community that focus on quality of life, health, and well-being. It will be a full-service grocer that offers the best in organic, natural & local produce, groceries, bulk foods, frozen, dairy, home & beauty, and supplements.

Not only will it be a place for community members to shop, but it will be a hub for educational activities related to food, health, and the environment. In order to strengthen its community outreach, Dandelion Foods is running an online campaign to raise ideas and funds. To find out more about the Dandelion story, to contribute your ideas, or to donate a few dollars, please visit: