PRATAC’s position on Enerdu by-law request

Enerdu – Cavanagh and the noise by-law

Cavanagh Construction wishes to work longer hours (which they have been doing) to speed up construction on the ENERDU project. However there is a noise by-law that would prevent work during certain hours of the day. In order to increase the work hours, Council would have to allow them an exemption from the Noise By-law over the course of a pre-designated period of time.

Cavanagh’s first request to Council on this matter was initially denied but then put on the agenda shortly before the meeting. Unfortunately, according to some of Cavanagh’s key people, they were unable to attend given the short notice.

Council responded with an unorthodox request to the construction company to hold a meeting with nearby residents, many of whom had protested against them, to ask for their approval. This is tantamount to throwing more wood on the fire. This will not resolve the problem.

PRATAC’s position on this matter:

There has been much controversy on this project over its entire duration with much of it coming from many of the Councillors and the Mayor. We get it. We understand they were in opposition to the project, but the project is well underway and approved by the Province. They need to provide leadership, move on and offer a proper and meaningful response and not one that will cause more controversy or delay.

PRATAC would like to see Council or some members of Council meet with representatives of ENERDU along with a representative of The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. The construction schedule will have to be compared to the expected flows over the next month. It may reveal that fast-tracking or condensing the construction schedule is the most sensible option, or it may reveal that the project will have to be temporarily abandoned, everything taken out of the river, let the water through the site and start again in the low flow of summer. It will have to be given some very serious consideration because the river has no conscience and noise by-laws will not come into play if it is a fast and early spring. Remember 1998? The safety of property and people in the area has to be the priority. Indecision and obstructionism could lead to serious consequences. We need accommodation and understanding.

Brian Gallagher, President, Pakenham Ramsay Almonte Taxpayers Action Committee