Photo Corner

PHOTO: Fall is coming

by Brent Eades I stopped by the Middleville Fair today with my daughter and son-in-law, and saw that the pumpkins are already very large and...

PHOTO: Upper Falls

by Brent Eades I took advantage of the few brief hours of sunshine we had today to take a few photos around town. Here's a...

Indian River

I was on a back-road tour around Almonte and Pakenham today and came across this nice view of the Indian River along Concession 7B....

The river by Old Town Hall

by Brent Eades Here's a photo of the lovely tree beside Old Town Hall this weekend. Neil Carleton, any chance you could unearth the history...

PHOTO: Riverwalk and Old Town Hall

by Brent Eades I took this photo today of the Riverwalk looking towards the Old Town Hall. I do love the riverfront here in town....

The lower falls, by Victoria Woolen Mill

by Brent Eades This is a shot I took last weekend of the lower falls, using a dark filter and a long exposure.

The Upper Falls

by Brent Eades I took this long-exposure photo of the Upper Falls by the Old Town Hall last weekend, a lovely view. If Enerdu gets...

Almonte in WInter

The photographs below were sent to the Millstone by Almonte resident Sherry Galey. If you have photographs of Almonte in the winter of 2012-13,...


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