Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sherry Galey sends two great winter photos

We received this note plus excellent photos from Sherry Galey. This will be the first winter in five that we will be staying in Almonte instead...

Photographer Louise Shane brings her photos to the Millstone

Local photographer Louise Shane took these photos on her farm on the Clayton Road

BusFusion 2017

by Brent Eades As they have every year since around 2000, hundreds of VW camper enthusiasts gathered at the Fairgrounds this week for a few...

Marilyn Snedden photos: Spiderwebs and wagons

Marilyn Snedden sent these interesting photos of spiders spinning complex webs around her property; she also photographed a fellow in a covered wagon with...

Cat on a fire hydrant

 Photo submitted by reader Donovan Aldoph

Photo Corner

By John T. Fowler, Photo Editor This photographic column will be a regular feature in the contents of the Millstone News. We’ll keep it short and...

Kathleen Fry’s fabulous Halloween pumpkins

by Edith Cody-Rice Every year, at Halloween, Kathleen Fry creates fabulous candle lit pumpkins that she places on her lawn on Shepherd Street. They are...

Video: Sunflowers at Al and Shirley’s place

by Brent Eades I stopped by Al and Shirley's beautiful property on Carss Street today to photograph their 400-foot avenue of sunflowers, and made a...

Reader sends us bird photos

Reader Karen Thompson sent of these fine photos she took recently of a Yellow Rumped Warbler and an Eastern Bluebird.

Christmas lights twinkle in Mississippi Mills

Bob Lesser sent along this gallery of photos he's taken recently of some attractive displays of Christmas lights and decorations in the area. Click photos...



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