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Budget 2012 Final

by Shaun McLaughlin   Council passed the 2012 MM budget last week. I didn't support it. Not only is the 7.8% local tax increase too high,...

The great back yard chicken debate

by Shaun McLaughlin Recently an MM resident sent a missive to Council warning of health issues related to keeping chickens. That person provided no information...

Mississippi Mills tax levies and council decisions

by Shaun McLaughlin The final tax levy on rural homes to pay for the soon-to-be-completed septage treatment plant will be determined this summer once all...

Septage: The White Elephant Awakens

 by Shaun McLaughlin Nearly two years ago, I wrote that the proposed septage treatment component of the new sewage plant was a white elephant—an...

MM councillor Shaun Mclaughlin proposes an “urban hen” by-law

Councillor Shaun McLaughlin is proposing a new "urban hen" by-law, based on Kingston Ontario's by-law. See it here.

No Fat Cats Here Despite Raise

by Mississippi Mills Councillor Shaun McLaughlin Every time I've seen Parliament, Queen's Park or a big city council vote members a fat raise, I have...


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Sunrise at the farm

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