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Diana’s Quiz July 28, 2012

Who are Sagkeeng's Finest?  Who is the figure that the Russians call "Ivan Kupala"? Which is the world's newest country? Who is the premier of...

Answers to Diana’s Quiz, July 21, 2012


Diana’s Quiz July 21, 2012

What is a ''weka''? How many yards in a furlong? Which Canadian received the Crystal Award given to cultural leaders committed to improving...

Answers to Diana’s Quiz, July 14, 2012


Diana’s Quiz July 14, 2012

 What is a hogg?  From which game does the phrase 'ace in the hole' derive?   What position does Steve Nash play in which sport?   Whose...

Answers to Diana’s Quiz, July 7, 2012

 Alexander Mackenzie. Perth, Ontario The Nk'mip desert in Osoyoos. BC, although it is really a shrub steppe, an extenion of the Columbia Plateau Used for...

Diana’s Quiz July 7, 2012

1. Who was Canada's 2nd prime minister, between the 2 terms of Sir John A Macdonald?  2. What town has as...

Answers to Diana’s Quiz, June 30, 2012

In Aziziya, Libya, 1922, at  57.8C  Ants  Ourselves alone   Chess  William Pratt

Diana’s Quiz June 30, 2012

Where in the world was the highest outdoor  temperature recorded? The weaver, honeypot and  pharaoh are  examples of what? What is the meaning of Sinn Fein...

Answers to Diana’s Quiz June 23, 2012

Craigellachie, British Columbia The  Galilean moons of Jupiter, discovered by Galileo in 1610 The  innermost arm of the Milky Way galaxy Norman Mailer Wiltshire 



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