Friday, April 28, 2017
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

What kind of town do we want?

by Val Sears    Sometime between the vichysoisse and the blueberry crumble at Almonte dinner parties the guests will likely will begin exchanges over The...

Mayday for Labour

 by Carolyn  Ciccoritti of Carleton Place The Canadian Labour Congress has a mandate that’s Golden Rule-book 101: “What we wish for ourselves we desire for...

Kilroy Killjoy

by Carolyn Ciccoritti of Carleton Place   A mural is wall art, most often a commissioned work. Graffiti is wall art, executed without permission and almost...

Policing in Mississippi Mills

by Val Sears   Fewer thugs breaking into cars and houses, fewer graffiti, a lot fewer hard drugs.  The police are doing their best and quite successful...

The gorgeous men of Lanark County

by Amelia Gordon When I think of all my single professional women friends in Ottawa, with great careers, but big lonely spots in their...



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