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Gay Cook’s French Onion Soup

Serves 4 - 5 This traditional French onion soup is a favourite any time of the year but especially the comfort it brings on a...

Canada Health Act ensures care is accessible, no matter where you live

 by Mary WIlson-Trider    The new year is an opportunity to look forward, but it is also a time to reflect on the past year...

Gay Cook’s Mini Butter Tarts

Makes  3 dozen mini tarts These delicious butter tarts have been part of our family through out Christmas and the cold winter months for many...

National Restaurant Association survey

by Gay Cook Every year the National Restaurant Association surveys nearly 1,800 chefs from the American Culinary Federation for its annual

Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor achieves accreditation

by Mary WIlson Trider In early November, I advised readers of this column that two surveyors from Accreditation Canada would be visiting Almonte General Hospital...

Carrot Muffins

by Gay Cook If you are looking for the last minute Christmas present, head to Mill Street Books, 52 Mill Street, Almonte and find...

Roast turkey with fruit stuffing and gravy

by Gay Cook Christmas would not be complete without the wafting aromas of the turkey roasting in the oven. When purchasing a turkey, buy a...

Crepe Expectations:Almonte restaurant’s fare is flat-out delicious

Once again, Almonte quality is on display in the Ottawa Citizen. Check out today's favourable restaurant review of the Creperie in the Heritage Mall...

Story of Sunroots

by Gay Cook   A sunroot is delicious to eat whether a puree, fried chips or prepared raw in a salad! It’s the tubular root of...

Gay Cook’s spaghetti squash topped with tomato sauce and grated cheese

Gay Cook's spaghetti squash topped with tomato sauce and grated cheese This yellow football-shaped winter squash produces delicately flavoured spaghetti strands. The flavour is best...


Almonte street market next Thursday

Owners seek good home for shy cat

Diana’s Quiz – April 21, 2018

2 tickets for Kevin Closs show, April 28

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