Photo Corner

Mississippi ice art

Bob Lesser sends these great close-up shots of the (thankfully) melting ice along the river. Bob notes: Out looking for early season kayakers but to...

Canada Geese on the Mississippi River

Christine Moses sent these pictures of Canada Geese on the Mississippi River to the Millstone. Large flocks of geese have been soaring over Almonte...

Gemmill Park tobogganing on New Year’s Day

Gemmill Park is a magnet for tobogganing in this snowy winter. Christine Moses sent in these pictures of local residents enjoying New Year's Day on...

Sherry Galey sends two great winter photos

We received this note plus excellent photos from Sherry Galey. This will be the first winter in five that we will be staying in Almonte instead...

Kathleen Fry’s fabulous Halloween pumpkins

by Edith Cody-Rice Every year, at Halloween, Kathleen Fry creates fabulous candle lit pumpkins that she places on her lawn on Shepherd Street. They are...

Gorgeous Lanark sunrise photo

This note from Sherry Galey says it all: I love photographing this area. Have a great day, Sherry Galey

Super harvest moon Friday

If you look to the southern sky just after sunset on Friday night, and the weather is clear, you will witness a super harvest...

Survivor of Almonte Train Wreck sends photos

We received the following letter and photos from the caregiver of a survivor of the horrific train wreck in Almonte in 1942: Margaret Lisinski, together with two...

A century ago in Almonte

by Brent Eades I was looking through the wonderful collection of historic Almonte photos that Michael Dunn shared with me sixteen years ago for my

Appleton Mill burning

Reader Joan Levesque sent us this picture of the burning of the Appleton Mill.  The date of this fire was July 20, 1950. The damage...


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