If you’re looking for great live music to invigorate your autumn, here’s a one-time treat you’re going to love: Almonte’s Red Heaven brings their unique and colourful show to Carriageway Studios on Saturday October 21 at 1 PM, where they’ll perform original songs from their new CD, “200 Years.” The freshly released album is a collection of original world/ambient compositions telling the story of Persian mystic, Baha’u’llah, who was born in 1817… 200 years ago. 

“There’s a lot of poetry and compelling imagery in and around the life of Baha’u’llah,” says Corey Tamas, lead singer and guitarist of Red Heaven, “The further we got into the creation of 200 Years, the more exciting, mystical, and even romantic it became. It’s probably the most interesting and unique thing we’ve ever done… both musically and lyrically. I think Carriageway is the perfect choice for our first Almonte show. I’m thrilled with how their gallery fits the tone of the 200 Years songs.”

Carriageway Studio is at 65 Mill Street downtown Almonte. Doors open at 12:30, and the show will be catered by North Market. Admission is “pay what you like,” so come and enjoy some new music and delicious snacks.