I’ve been watching the number of the Millstone’s Facebook ‘likes’ creeping ever higher lately, and I see they finally hit the 2,000 mark today. How nice.

About a year ago I started noticing that comments and shares on our website were decreasing and I wondered why. I soon realized that many readers were finding our daily articles on Facebook instead and were commenting on and sharing them there.

Mind you, overall traffic to the website is still quite respectable, averaging about 20,000 visitors a month. Many of those are not regular readers — they find us through Google typically, after entering a search term. Regardless, that’s still a lot of people who read something, somehow, on the site each month.

We also have 1,700 subscribers to the daily email version of the Millstone that goes out each evening.

Anyway: we greatly appreciate your continuing interest in the paper, and remind you that we rely on you to let us know about new and interesting stuff happening in our community.

Now on to 3,000!