Mill Street Books Presents Jan Andrews (author) and Susan Rennick-Jolliffe (illustrator) signing their new picture book The Twelve Days of Autumn

TwelveDaysOfAutumn-COVER-v1Mill Street Books

52 Mill Street

Almonte, Ontario

Saturday, December 13, 2014, 1-3 p.m.

Set in Jan’s backyard on a lake 15 km from the heart of Almonte The Twelve Days of Autumn is born out of the natural world that is especially ours. Twelve Days is a seek and find book, built on the pattern of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Groundhogs munch mightily, frogs find places to bury themselves, red-winged blackbirds gather, geese take off in flocks. Illustrations are filled with life abounding. Turning the pages brings laughter. A perfect stocking-stuffer for the children on your list. Added bonus: Susan and Jan are great to talk to. Just meeting them is a delight. What’s more, some of the original illustrations will be on display at The General, just across the street.

jan Andrews and susan
left to right: Susan Rennick-Jolliffe and Jan Andrews