Energy education at Pakenham Public School

by Reagan Russell, grade 5

Pakenham Public School loves the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge!

What is that you may ask? The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is a free competition for kindergarten classrooms up to grade 12! Presented by Canadian Geographic Education, classes learn about energy awareness in a fun way!


Once your class gets signed up, you are then able to complete challenges. With 25 challenges in total, students can enjoy learning about energy related issues. Each time your class completes a challenge, your teacher will log into their online account and submit proof that the challenge was completed. Each time a challenge is completed, you will gain 15 points. Some of the challenges that we have completed include A Green Powered Canada (we researched wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, gas resources), Buckle Up (transportation tips to save energy), energy and water use audits at home (don’t use your dryer, and take showers, not baths!) and a whole bunch more!

What do the points do? These points can earn amazing prizes! The more points you have, the better chance of winning prizes! This year there are over 100 prizes! Want in on the prizes? There are numbers of ways!

There are Classroom Challenges, Point level prizes, Top Points Pool Prize and my personal favorite, the Video Challenge! For each of these prizes, you can win money for our school!

Overall we all love the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. I don’t think many students enjoy just having worksheets to do, so the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge makes things fun by having educational challenges to do.

 How can you help us? Please go to and do the following:

 Click on the Video Gallery and vote for the Squishy Yarshmallows video.

  1. Click on ‘Classrooms’, and search for Pakenham. Scroll down to sign our pledge to save water! We need 100 more pledges!
  2. While you are there you can view the challenges that we have completed so far. More will be submitted this week.

A big Thank you from Pakenham Public School!