The Friendly Town… Really?

I am impressed by the respectful, courteous letter sent by Steve Maynard to the Mayor and Councillors of Mississippi Mills concerning the sale of the Don Maynard Park on Gale Street. It is this kind of approach that many are hoping to see mirrored by both the governing body for the town as well as by its concerned citizens.

Steve has taken the time to delve into the By-Laws that would be or certainly should be referenced when dealing with the topic of the sale of Don Maynard Park. It is my opinion that if issues impacting the town are dealt with truthfully, factually and decisions are made using the By-Laws and/or Legislation which provide the mandate for governance, we can once again return to a climate under which those elected to govern and those upon whom their governance impacts can feel they truly do live in “Almonte The Friendly Town”. Currently I believe it is fair to say that for some this isn’t the feeling expressed around our kitchen tables, out in our neighborhoods or in the coffee shops. An attitude of “us ” versus ” them” can only further emphasize “The Wall” like attitude so often emphasized these days south of the border.

Steve has a personal connection to this particular park and he has expressed clearly what many feel, and would feel, should they or a family member be immortalized and honoured as Don Maynard has been—-these honours matter to people, it is our town history, it says thank you—-why so easily brushed off?

It is my fervent hope that these divisive issues that seem to fill the current agenda of Town Council will give each of us the opportunity to take a breathe, remember our manners learned long ago and deal with each issue in the manner befitting the civility of our community.

Thank You
Karen Hirst