‘Almonte’s Brothers of the Wind’ at Mill Street Books

botwIn keeping with the fact that this is the 100th anniversary of James Naismith’s invention of basketball  I have recently finished an update to my book Almonte’s Brothers of the Wind. I’m pleased to announce that is available at Almonte at Mary and Terry Lumsden’s  Mill Street Books Store and at the Mill of Kintail. The book retails at $24.95.

The author is Frank Cosentino. His web site is valleyoldtimers.com. He lives in Eganville Ontario and can be reached at 613 628 1553. Other Ottawa Valley books include: Almonte: the life of Juan Nepomceno Almonte; The Renfrew Millionaires:Valley Boys of Winter 1909/10; Hockey Gods at the Summit:Tean Canada vs USSR, 1972; and a number of books on football in Canada