Long-ago Almonte resident is delighted to revisit her home town

Editor’s Note: We were pleased to receive this letter about a former resident’s re-discovery of Almonte.

I am so grateful to have come upon your publication. I grew up in Almonte in the 1960s and have always longed to return. A couple of months ago I came upon your newspaper, and in late September my husband and I spent a week in Almonte. It was among the very nicest of trips we’ve ever taken.


I love the Millstone’s stories about cultural and political issues, but what impresses me even more are the frequent articles advocating compassion, empathy and kindness, such as today’s article on Tennyson.

It can be hard to return to your hometown and regret the loss of what used to be. In the case of Almonte I had the opposite experience. It was thrilling to see the scrupulous preservation and repurposing of wonderful buildings like the Post Office and the mills. I live in an old mill town in Connecticut, and the mills have been left to crumble.

The dining, lodging and cultural events were very enjoyable; we had a hard time imagining how one small town could offer so much. It was wonderful to see the downtown thriving, and everyone we met was pleasant, kind and helpful. In Almonte I felt a sense of civility that I haven’t experienced since leaving Canada.

I’ll continue to enjoy the Millstone daily so I’m able to stay up on what’s occurring in Almonte till we visit next year.

Nancy Burnett
Norwich CT