Pakenham PS student reports on school renovations

The New and Improved Pakenham Public School!


by Reagan Russell, grade 6

Pakenham Public School is back with a new school year and better than ever! We got amazing new renovations, including new siding, windows, doors and blinds! It is great to know that we will be starting a new school year with new upgrades to the building.

“I was very glad that the school board recognized the need for some upgrades to our school building. The outside looks great with the new siding and the windows and doors are fantastic,” says Mr. Balfour.

paken-2The siding makes our ‘fun sized’ school look great. The doors are wonderful! The company the school board hired did a very impressive job! They started the day after school ended, and finished the day before school started!

“We needed new windows as the old ones were not very efficient and we wanted to reduce our heating costs. The old doors were very heavy and hard for our younger students (and our staff) to get into the building and the new ones are much easier,” Mr. Balfour adds, and he is correct!

What about the new blinds? We got new blinds for all of our windows to help keep us cool on those warmer days. As we move forward it is great to know that Pakenham’s community school is in great shape for many years to come. Since this is my last year at the school, it’s great to know that the Kinders will grow up with a school with awesome staff and new renovations!