Tread lightly

Sometimes you need to leave home turf to find the blessings and gifts you have on your own doorstep.

I for one am very thankful that I do not live in the hubbub centers of the province—Oshawa/Bowmanville/Port Perry etc. are now all carbon copies of the Big Smoke, Toronto.
I give you credit if you can stand the constant hummm of traffic and glare of lights and the incessant movement of everything !!!

We in Almonte are small town but we are Big on peaceful moments of silence, Big on the open sky & night time stars and Big on uninhabited spaces that marks Our Place—Our Home.

In light of recent Council decision making I can only fear a mindset that believes we can give away this privilege of space and place.

Why would we rob ourselves by taking away what has the potential of giving well being and health—I speak of Parks and Green Space—why fill it all up so that everywhere you look you see structures, cars, people, movement, hear sound—why rob ourselves of something very precious, something that is a collective treasure for all to enjoy?

I don’t believe that the value of the Parks and Green Space lies in the quantity of occupancy or in the over managing—-no the value lies in simply being there, open, accessible, beneficial to all who tread upon with any of the senses—we share with all manner of inhabitants, human and otherwise—who gives us the right to always extend the human footprint, just because we can???

Karen Hirst