Chamber of Commerce special meeting — November 10

Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce

Special General Meeting
10 November 2016
6 p.m.

Almonte Old Town Hall
Multipurpose Room

On Thursday, November 10th the Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce is holding a Special General Meeting to determine the future of the Chamber.  In order to carry on, the Chamber needs to recruit a number of energetic and dedicated volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors.  The positions to be filled include the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as a number of directors at-large.  In addition to regular Board meetings, there are a number of “working” roles that need to be filled such as communications, membership, and event management.

Draft Agenda

18:00     Check in and informal networking

18:30     Call to order  and welcome  (Paddye Mann)

18:40     Background and purpose of the meeting (Paddye Mann and Mike Caughey)

19:00     Review Financial Reports  (Download)

19:15     Discussion: The future of the Chamber (Facilitator: Michael Rikley-Lancaster)


  1. Appoint new board of directors and continue regular operations
  2. Appoint a transition team to explore alternatives (e.g. merge with adjacent Chamber(s)
  3. Put the Chamber into “dormancy”  – preserve archives, “brand”,  and corporate identity
  4. Dissolve the Chamber and submit dissolution request of the corporation

19:45    Motions

Based on the outcome of the previous discussion, present and adopt motion to appoint new board, a transition team, dormancy or dissolution.

Draft Motions (under development, check back before the meeting)

20:00    Adjourn

If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please send an email to with subject heading “Volunteer” indicating your interest, background and contact info. 

To attend the meeting and contribute to the discussion, if you have not already done so, please register with the link below.  The meeting and discussion are open to all members of the Chamber past, present (and future?).  Voting on specific motions will be confined to one vote per current membership.  Voting cards will be issued to a representative of each membership at the door.

To register for the meeting go to:  Special General Meeting .

For more information you may call Paddye Mann at (613) 624-5201 or email

Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce
Special General Meeting – Organizing Team