Don’t miss this unique Christmas show on December 16 & 17 at the Old Town Hall. Tickets on sale now at Baker Bob’s, Mill Street Books and on-line at

In less than 4 weeks, costume designer and builder Ingrid Harris made Victorian costumes for 46 of Noreen Young’s look-alike puppets.  Here’s a sneak peek at 5 of the costumes with names of the puppet owners and the role they will be playing in “A Mississippi Mills Christmas Carol”.

  • Allan Mann as Jacob Marley
  • Vicky Racey as Scrooge’s Housekeeper
  • Mary Lou Souter as Mr Fezziwig’s Party Guest
  • Jean Guy Legault as a Gentleman of the Town
  • Reg Gamble as The Funeral Director

Because 3 live actors will be performing with the 46 puppets, the set had to be designed to accommodate this range of performer size.   Ron Caron and Bruce Kingsley have just completed the structure which is 24′ wide and 12′ high – bigger than your average puppet stage!  The next step will be to paint it!