1. Chanukah this year begins tonight, December 24th, the Hebrew calendar date 25 Kislev.  When does it end?
  1. How long is a jiffy?
  1. What is succotash?
  1. Who is the new person on the Canadian ten dollar banknote?
  1. Where do Canadian children address their letters to Santa Claus?


  1. Chanukah this year ends on the  evening of January 1, 2017.
  1.  After an informal period meaning a short length of time, jiffy was first formally defined as the time it takes light to travel one centimeter in a vacuum.  Different sciences have taken the word and created new measurements for it, two of the sciences being electronics and computing.
  1. Succotash is a dish usually made of corn and lima or other beans.  The Algonquian source of the word meant ‘broken corn kernels’.
  1. Viola Desmond, an African Canadian woman beautician from Nova Scotia, is the new face of the ten dollar bank note.  She unsuccessfully fought the colour barrier and died before she was given a full pardon and apology.
  1. Letters from Canadian children to Santa Claus should go to: