marietta-dewitHello people of Mississippi Mills,

My name is Mariette. I would like to introduce myself as a new member of this amazing, open-minded, artisan community.

Starting in January 2017 I will be adding another small business here in Almonte.  My business is named Your Inner Self and it is dedicated to helping you reduce stress or deal with problems that affect your inner peace.  I am both a Reiki Master and a certified Hypnotherapist and I would like to tell you a bit about both.

How I came to practice Reiki:

For me it was easy, I had a tingling in my hand my whole life. I had children and animals coming to me to be “hugged”. Little did I know that it was the energy they were coming to me for. I was always very sensitive and loved to be with nature. I was born in the Netherlands, lived a few years in Germany and then moved to Canada. And guess what….Canada is where I first heard the word “Reiki”. Well it didn’t take long before I started my journey towards becoming a Reiki Master. Reiki is a relaxing or healing therapy. A therapy session looks like this: You come in, tell me a bit about what you want to work towards.  We will discuss it and the treatment to follow agreeing on what I will and will not do.  You will then lie on a table and close your eyes (or not if you want to peek). I will put my hands above you (and sometimes touch you if we agreed on that) and concentrate on the energy which is in between my hands. I will transfer the energy, which comes through me, into your chakras, or points where I feel where you are a bit “off”. When we are done, we will speak a bit about the session and hopefully you walk away, dancing, with pillows under your feet J

How I come to practice hypnotherapy:

I took many courses in natural health including reflexology and relaxation massage, but what really interested me was hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapy session looks like this: First I will ask what issue or problem brought you to me.  Then we will talk a bit about what you would like to achieve in the session. I will explain that I will never be able to get you to do something if you really not want it. You may have seen TV shows or movies where the hypnotist gets someone to act like a chicken or perform some other bizarre act.  This can’t happen unless you want to do that.  You are always in control of yourself, even when you, with my guidance, are in a hypnotic trance. After our opening discussion I will get you to do a few simple guided exercises, just to gauge how well you could react to hypnotherapy. When we have finished this and are ready to proceed you will sit in a comfortable chair, relax and listen to my words. When the therapy session is over you just wake up feeling VERY relaxed.  Hypnotherapy can deal with a variety of personal issues including weight loss and traumatic memories.  I can’t help you forget bad memories, it just isn’t possible, but I CAN help you modify how you feel about them to reduce their impact.

The first sessions are a bit longer than subsequent sessions. I typically recommend 3 sessions because it takes 21 days to change an existing habit or create a new one and the individual therapy sessions are effective for about a week.

As an introductory offer, people who purchase their first session from before New Year’s eve, get them half price.  What better Christmas/ Hanukah present could you find for person who has everything than the gift of relaxation?

I hope this introduction has helped you understand what I do best.  I look forward to helping you achieve personal relaxation and to help you deal with issues that are disrupting your inner peace.

For questions, to purchase a gift certificate or to book a session I can be reached by email at: