Gentle reminder re submissions: flyers make me cranky

As I remind our many submitters with increasing frequency: please, PLEASE don’t send me flyers meant for posting on a bulletin board or store window. They make me a little cranky.

That’s because people read the Millstone all kinds of ways — on Facebook or Twitter, on the web or via our daily email digest. A majority of those readers are using a smartphone or tablet. Flyers meant for printing on  8.5 x 11 paper are seldom legible to them. Meaning I have to manually re-format them, which can be quite painstaking at times.

Please send all items in plain-text or MS Word format, with minimal formatting — no centring, no line breaks to make things line up — and include an image or two to go with them.
Also, NO PDF. 

If you’re still not sure what is acceptable, email me.

Thanks, danke, gracias, etc.