Clayton reader pushes back on Bell wireless bill increase

Howard Robinson sends this very interesting letter.

You may have received an email like the one below about increases to your Bell Mobility bill (account & phone numbers changed to protect privacy). Also, there was a similar notice earlier this month for an increase related to data use charges.

After calling the customer service number (1 800 667-0123) per the email notice, coupled with the fact of poor cell phone coverage in West Mississippi Mills and Lanark Highlands, I was referred to a supervisor who looked at their ‘inaccurate’ Bell Mobility coverage map for Clayton and surrounding area and she thought that we had service, until I explained the historical and existing lack of coverage in our area. As a result, Bell will not apply the increase to my bill based on our poor service coverage. You may want to make such a call if you have a Bell Mobility mobile phone and live within West Mississippi Mills and Lanark Highlands and have poor cell phone coverage.

The supervisor then advised me to call their Maintenance group at 1-866-434-0344 to report the lack of service coverage in our area. The maintenance technician was helpful and created a “trouble ticket” for the problem to be worked by their Networking group. That person also advised me to have other customers call if they are experiencing such a problem, so they will know the extent of the area problem and not just have an individual report. You may also want to do this.

If you are with a service provider other than Bell, then consider reporting your service coverage problem to their technical group also.

As a grassroots approach, if more people with poor service coverage complain about increased rates and lack of coverage, then service providers may better understand the problem from both a financial and technical view.

Be careful of their persuasive talk about upgrading to a newer phone capable of Wi-Fi calling or getting a signal booster. Such workarounds do not make your phone mobile if you are travelling or calling for help outside of your home and within the local area of West Mississippi Mills and Lanark Highlands.

It is unfortunate I could not reply to the VP who signed the following email letter in order to explain the continuing problem. Access to that individual is restricted and filtered via Bell Mobility customer service representatives.

Personally, I will not renew our cell phone service contract with Bell Mobility unless they provide adequate coverage in this area. Alternatively, I will get a service contract with another service provider should they provide cell service first.

Howard Robinson
Clayton, Ontario
Using a Wireline phone at home
Cell phone only used when the network is available outside the area