How to submit Billboard items

A gentle reminder about our submission guidelines.

Here’s an interesting fact: 6,000 people a month read Millstone articles on a mobile phone.

And of the 1,600 subscribers to the daily email version of the paper, about 500 read it on a phone.

Why am I telling you this? As a reminder that Billboard flyers and posters designed to be printed and posted in a local store will often be nearly impossible to read on the tiny screen of a phone.

Please don’t send flyers or posters meant for printing.

Billboard items should be provided in plain text or MS Word format, with an image or two to go with them. If you don’t have a suitable image we’ll pick one for you.

There are exceptions — visually interesting posters without a lot of text may still work well on a phone. But they still need to come with a text description that folks can read on a phone.

And please, no PDF files — they don’t work for us.