Sivarulrasa Gallery presents FIGURE, February 8 – March 24

Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present FIGURE, February 8 – March 24, 2019
Featured artists: Adrienne Dagg, Caroline Ji, Sue Adams

Please join us for the Vernissage/Artists Reception on Saturday February 16, 3pm-6pm. Artists Caroline Ji and Sue Adams will be in attendance.

The show is open for previews as of Friday February 8th. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Sunday 11am – 5pm. Preview week is an excellent time to see and purchase work, before the vernissage!

To see available works, please visit our Exhibition Webpage

From February 8 to March 24, 2019, Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present FIGURE, a trio show featuring figurative paintings, drawings, and sculpture by artists Adrienne Dagg (Edmonton), Caroline Ji (Toronto), and Sue Adams (Almonte).

In her new series of paintings, artist Adrienne Dagg obscures space and figure. Incorporating mirrors and reflections into works such as “Tumble”, “Reflection”, and “Figure with Mirror”, she presents fractured environments that are divided and warped by mirrors and painted shapes. These divisions are then re-joined to explore new configurations. The works mark a new exploration for this artist, as she deepens her practice in portraiture and narrative figure painting.

Artist Caroline Ji’s paintings are evocative and intimate depictions of people she has met, re-lived conversations, and memories. “Bookshelf” and “E”, two of the most recent works, highlight the artist’s highly skilled exploration of her subjects’ psychological states. Emotion is palpable in her works, inviting viewers to attach their own narratives to each work. With a striking colour palette and careful attention to lighting choices, mood and atmosphere become the storytellers in her paintings.

Artist Sue Adams explores themes of passion, pain, frailty and grace in her sculptures and drawings. Her newest drawing “Cupid” depicts an innocent, ethereal being. “Atlas” and “My Blue-Toed God of Love”, like her other sculptural works, draw inspiration from historical movements in Classicism and Humanism, with her figures often combining outward formality with inner turmoil. Her figures exhibit strength, vulnerability and primal energy, giving voice to humanity’s inherent contradictions.
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