Tatlock wildlife

John Connelly sends along these great photos from out Tatlock way.

Pictures from below a bird feeder, down the Tatlock

I have long enjoyed reading the Millstone, and particularly the many contributions of those with a passion for the natural world.

Over the last six years of living out here, down the line from Clayton, along the Tatlock Road… I’ve been amazed by the wondrous sights and pictures I’ve enjoyed, from the simple pleasures of a bird feeder.

Just last night, from below the feeder… a few pictures of the elusive, nocturnal Northern Flying Squirrel. Have been waiting a lifetime to see one!

Have accumulated many pictures of indigo buntings, yearling bears, scarlet tanagers, Baltimore Orioles and beautiful mature bucks… turkeys, fox and fishers, stick bugs and praying mantis… all within reach of the bird feeder and the surrounding apple trees.

John Connelly