Renowned photographer’s show “In the Presence of Nature.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: While this event is a little outside our usual coverage area — it’s at Sharbot Lake — consider making the drive. Michelle Valberg is a very talented wildlife photographer indeed.

Don’t miss a rare opportunity to enjoy award-winning nature photography and environmental stewardship on March 30 at 7 pm in Sharbot Lake.

Michelle Valberg (, a globally recognized wildlife and adventure photographer will present her images: “In the Presence of Nature.”

Michelle finds art in all of nature’s most intimate moments and she will share the meaning of her images with you.

A Canadian Nikon Ambassador, Michelle has exhibited her photography internationally. A Fellow of the Canadian Geographic Society, Michelle was named their first Photographer in Residence. She is also a Fellow of the New York Explorer’s Club.

Her photo of a polar bear graces the cover of the Geographic Atlas of Canada and her iconic image of a Nunavut drum dancer appears on a coin as part of a special series by the Royal Canadian Mint.

In 2009, Michelle founded Project North. This not-for-profit, dedicated to northern education and sports opportunities, has delivered $1,000,000 to more than 30 Inuit communities.

Join us on Saturday, March 30 at 7 pm in the Granite Ridge Education Centre, 14432 County Road 38, Sharbot Lake; the event is free of charge. For more information, contact 613-335-3589 or email: