‘Songwriter’s Circle’ at Musicworks, April 7 & 15

April 7th 1:00 pm -3:00 and April 15th 6:30 – 8:00

Hosted by David Keebler in the  Mississippi Mills Musicworks studio; this monthly group styled after Writer’s Block will meet to share, learn and develop. Songwriters learn to write songs by listening to songs, and by talking to other songwriters, sharing experiences. They can share sources of inspiration, they can share knowledge about the craft of songwriting, and they can encourage each other.

In this series of workshops – the Songwriters’ Circle – the focus is on the participants and what they are creating. Some of those around the circle will be brand-new to songwriting, some will have a few songs and are wondering where to go next, some will have many songs to their credit, and will be looking for the next level. All of them can learn from each other.

The facilitator of the circle is David Keeble, a writer with hundreds of songs in his catalogue. He has been writing since he was 15, and is a veteran of several bands, many solo shows, including three appearances at the Ottawa Folk Festival, a CD, and performances of his work by others. He has a degree in musical composition from UBC, and studied for 2 years with the well-known composer Peter Maxwell Davies in London. At that time he wrote “serious” compositions for choreographers, choirs, and chamber groups – but he returned to his first love, popular songs, in the 1990s and has written or co-written hundreds of songs since then. David was a CBC music producer for 10 years.  He is happy to share the knowledge he has acquired about the inspiration and craft of songwriting from his own daily practice and from gatherings of songwriters such as Writers Bloc in Ottawa and SongStudio in Toronto.

But do not expect lectures. In the Songwriters Circle participants can expect to learn from songs they love – figuring out how they work and why they work – and also learn from their own songs and the songs of others in the circle. They can expect to present their songs, engage in gentle reflection led by the facilitator, and leave with some ideas about where to go next. You don’t need to be able to play an instrument to participate.

For more information or to save a space, call Wendy at 613-256-7464 or e-mail mmmusicworks.school@gmail.com