‘Poetry Blitz’ at Library, April 27

April is Poetry Month!

Calling poetry fans and local poets who wish to share in a Poetry Blitz to celebrate Poetry Month on Saturday, April 27th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm at the Almonte Public Library.  We invite local poets to read and recite their work in a warm, welcoming venue.  Share a short poem or two, or a longer one under five minutes.  We’ll put you on a program, first come first served. There will be cookies and lots of appreciation by eager listeners.

Almonte resident Danielle Gregoire will lead this event.  She is a spoken word poet and experienced host.

This idea was prompted by discussions with local poet Claire Sylvan whose poetry book Turnings has just been reprinted and is now available at Mill Street Books. Claire’s poems offer windows into the beauty and power of nature. She always looks for the kernel of truth and strength as she creates poems from the ordinary and the unusual. A wide range of readers has recognized their own inner yearnings and delights among these poems, with the quirky, fearless language, and universal themes.

Since publishing this book, Claire has been asked, ”Why write poetry?” Poetry represents a lot of work to whittle these few sentences down to the core, the essence of each piece. She hopes to address this query during the blitz.

For further information or to sign up as a poet, please contact Mill Street Books at 613-256-9090.

A Poem by Claire Sylvan


Beauty dumbfounds me.  I am left
With only the shell of silence
As the snow curls over the roof edge
Like an ocean wave, windswept to shore.

In that falling moment when it lifts and turns
I am swept into its spiral grace,
Turned in inexpressible gratitude.

Claire Sylvan ©2019