Ten Collective show at the Textile Museum

by Brent Eades

Today is the first of two days for the Ten Collective show at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.

Featuring the art of 10 artists from the region, the show was drawing steady crowds through the day — the increasingly rare combination of sunshine and temperatures above the freezing mark likely helped draw a few extra visitors.

The artists showing their works are Amelia Ah You, Jill Halliday, Eileen Hennemann, Rosemary Leach, Marina May Raike (Malvada), Katherine McNenly, Kaija Savinainen Mountain, Jennifer Noxon, Lily Swain and Eleanor Doran.

It’s a great exhibit and very elegantly staged — well worth a visit today until 6 or Sunday, 10-6.

Some photos:

Eileen Hennemann is displaying a book she’s had made based on her Artist’s Notes column here in the Millstone.