The Phantom of the Hubera wows its audience

by Edith Cody-Rice 

There may still be time to get tickets to Phantom of the Hubera for Sunday’s performance and if you can get them, you should try to go. It is an amateur performance, for certain, but for all Mississippi Mills lovers, this is a great community experience. The story is a mashup of Mother Goose, Cinderella, Phantom of the Opera and songs from West Side Story (I feel Pretty) and other famous works, not expertly sung, but nonetheless.

Director Kris Riendeau introduced the show in a sparkling outfit and reminded the audience that all proceeds of the evening, including those from the bar and the 50/50 draw would go to the Hub.

Just to add a civilized touch, nibbles, wine and cocktails made with Vodkow, Almonte’s dairy vodka enterprise, were on sale at reasonable prices.

vodkow cocktails

The standout performances in terms of music  were the jingle singers, celebrating sponsors, which interspersed the show. Perfect harmony à la 1940’s Andrews Sisters and witty lyrics.

The accomplished jingle singers

Outstanding  performers were Prince Charming Stevie Silver who revealed himself to be an accomplished actor and had a few surprises in store, Fern Martin as a sardonic Fairy Godmother and Mike Poirier as the socially challenged Chandeleer. Helen Antebi as Cinderella sang her heart out and Tracy Julian  played a convincingly exasperated Mother Goose.

Left to Right: Jane Torrance as the Bagpiper, Fern Martin as Fairy Godmother and Helen Antebi as Cinderella

The ensemble cast was well rehearsed and the chariot for Cinderella was an innovative combination of wildebeest and cushioned cart accompanied by liveried footmen and women (because it’s 2019). And then, there was bagpiper Jane Torrance, all kilted out, who carried off a respectable version of the Skye Boat song as the advance woman for the fairy godmother. And let us not forget the pianist Carol Mortimer whose piano playing anchored the show.

The finale

It was a classic Fern Martin production and a packed house cheered and clapped the performance and joined in the final chorus.

There are two casts for this show and they are set out below.

And the production team included