by Diana Filer

  1. Drake won 12 Billboard Awards in Las Vegas this past week, making his career total 27 so far, compared to, for example, Taylor Swift, with 25 Billboards.
  2. Nurdles are waste plastics from land-based manufacturing industries, accounting for around 80% of ocean pollution.  Another major source of ocean plastic pollution is fishing nets and what’s inside them.
  3. A deacon calf is one that is taken from its mother and bottle fed a milk substitute.
  4. The Tasmanian mountain ash, a species of eucalyptus, is the tallest flowering plant on earth, second in height only to the coast redwood tree of California.
  5. Xanadu was the poetic rendering of Shang-tu, the summer palace of the Mongolian general and statesman Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan.