Answers to Diana’s Quiz – May 18, 2019

by Diana Filer

  1. The spice trade set modern global trade in motion.
  2. Mozart was the first to compose music for the clarinet.
  3. The messenger star, thought to be 13 billion years old, was discovered last year by a team of researchers, including some from the University of Victoria. It provides a window into the period right after the ‘big bang’, before Earth and even our galaxy was formed.
  4. Kiviuq is a legendary supernatural hero of all the Inuit, an eternal wanderer who has many trials and challenges in his life, such as giants, sea monsters, cannibals and bears.  One of Canada’s great heroes.
  5. Stroud, a Cotswold town in Gloucestershire, spawned the Extinction Rebellion, a movement which played terrible havoc with many areas of   protest in London and elsewhere in the week before Easter.  They were trying to focus people’s minds on the threats posed by climate breakdown.  It has, or will, become part of the Anthropocene, or Sixth, Extinction, currently one of the most important events in history.