Answers to Diana’s Quiz – May 25, 2019

by Diana Filer

  1. Bulgaria’s population is shrinking fastest, followed by Latvia and Romania, mostly due to falling fertility rates and much outmigration.
  2. A pika is a small mountain-dwelling mammal closely related to the rabbit.  It lives in Asia and western North America.
  3. Brooklyn Nine Nine is an American live-action sitcom.  A French-language version is to begin production in Quebec this summer.
  4. When Billy Batson hollers SHAZAM! he turns into Captain Marvel.
  5. Narendra Modi of the right wing BJP was this week re-elected President of India, with a huge majority.  BJP stands for Bharatiya Janata Party, in English the Indian People’s Party, which, along with the Indian National Congress, is one of the two major political parties in India.