Ozo Construction moves to Almonte

What officially started off as a part-time business in Cumberland, Ontario, has lead Jessica and Adam back to Jessica’s hometown, Almonte. “Almonte is such a friendly and charming town – not to mention it’s a great place to raise our growing family! We knew we would be moving to the West End of Ottawa eventually. It was just a matter of when!” says Jessica.

After making the official decision to relocate, the young couple decided it was time to start playing a bigger game and launched Ozo Construction – a locally owned and operated renovation, foundation repair and home services company. Not only did they recently become first-time parents in January 2018, but together they decided to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Why, you may ask? After working for other people, they realized that it just wasn’t going to cut it – in terms of finances, hours, and operating methods and standards. They knew if they were to be successful and do what they loved – helping others achieve a beautiful, safe home for themselves and their families – they needed to do things their own way. And thus, the journey began.

As exciting as it was when they decided to go full throttle with their own company, it was a nerve-wracking adventure for the two of them; for not only did they have to create a prospering company to survive themselves, but they had another mouth to feed (and soon to be another one, as they are welcoming baby number two)! Regardless, they took the leap and with over 12 years of experience in the construction industry, started seriously creating a booming construction business.”Before now we had been cautiously tiptoeing into entrepreneurship… but with our growing family and our recent move, we decided it was time to take this dream of ours to the next level…” says Jessica.

As a part of a growing number of young entrepreneurs, Adam and Jessica are dedicated to creating a better future for themselves, their customers, and their growing number of employees.

It’s not a small thing we are doing when you look at it. We are working to help create a better city, a better province, and more job security in our local area! There’s nothing better than knowing that you are helping others – whether it’s by designing and building an ideal kitchen that customers will love, or hiring a new worker and seeing how happy and grateful they are to work with a business that operates as a caring team.” says Adam.

For more information call Jessica Cadman at (613) 805-6724.