Digitize your family photos

Family Photo Digitization

I’m a keen family researcher who laments the idea of old photos being tossed out because no one wants them. It’s a great loss to your family when this happens.

100 years ago there were few family photos taken. 30 years ago we started taking far too many.

Not every photo is a keeper, but every one tells a story. The best of them should be treasured.

Scanned and digitized photos take up far less space than the actual item, and they can be easily emailed to a number of people. If you are trying to downsize and are wondering what to do about all those photos, or at least the special ones, why not hire me to help?

Please contact: Marianne at m.mullan454@gmail.com

In the subject line, please put “Photo Scanning”

My Rate: 20 dollars per hour