FÁNAID, an Irish trio at Sivarulrasa Gallery: Thursday July 4, 2019, 730pm-9pm

As part of the Culture22 series, Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present Fánaid, an Irish traditional trio, for an unforgettable evening of acoustic music and song.

From County Down in Ireland, Fánaid have spent many years gathering local songs and music. Traditional songs often present an informative perspective on shared history; tales of lived experiences, significant events and communal hardships are passed down from generation to generation often wrapped in subtle metaphors and catchy melodies. Fánaid’s performance at Sivarulrasa Gallery will explore the rich song tradition associated with the linen industry both before and after the industrial revolution and its impact on the lives of the working people. The songs will be interspersed with lively jigs, reels and hornpipes as well as more reflective slow airs and solo pieces.

Tickets: $39.95 + HST. Only 22 seats available. Please call us at 613-256-8033 or email info@sivarulrasa.com to purchase tickets. (Please note: at this time, we have only 5 tickets left!)

Doors open: 7:15pm. A dessert reception with the artists will follow the performance.

About the artists: Fánaid are a group of three musicians who met by chance in a queue for an Irish festival and have been playing music together ever since. They bring together fiddle, wooden flute and classical guitar and their music is drawn from their native province of Ulster in the north of Ireland. (Fánaid will also be performing in Almonte’s CeltFest, from July 5-7, 2019.)

Kevin McCullagh is a fiddle player, DJ and sound artist from Belfast, where he has been an active member of the traditional music scene for over 20 years. His fiddle playing draws inspiration from the music of Donegal where he spent much time as child.  He holds a Masters in Sonic Arts from Queens’ University of Belfast and in 2018 collaborated with fiddle player Conor Caldwell, appearing on his album ‘To Belfast…’.

Fióna Ní Mhearáin is a flute player, singer and fluent Irish speaker from Belfast. She sings in both Irish and English and her style is influenced by the northern singers such as Maurice Leyden.  Taught by Davy Maguire, she has a love of traditional flute playing, particularly the strong and punchy Belfast and Northern flute styles.  She is a member of the traditional three piece female harmony group Sí and the contemporary vocal choir HIVE.

Paddy Morgan is a guitar player who has developed a unique style of guitar accompaniment that seeks to remain faithful to tradition while exploring new techniques for the guitar in Irish music drawn from a diverse background including flamenco and jazz. He has recorded a solo album of original compositions and has also released albums with singers Mai Hernon and Rosie Stewart and most recently with acclaimed traditional trio d’Bize.

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