AGH river raft race is on soon, enter a team!

On Saturday, August 10, Almonte General Hospital holds its third annual ‘Paddle for AGH’ raft race at the Fairgrounds.

The rules are simple – your team must assemble its raft onsite, get it in the water, and race it against your competitors. Ideally, the raft will (a) float and (b) make it across the river and back. And it must be paddle-propelled. Pushing it across the river is a little outside the rules!

In turn, AGH raises funds through the pledges you collect in support of your team.

So channel your inner Jack Sparrow and enter a raft. Challenge your business competitors; build a family raft and throw down the glove to other families; galvanize your hockey, basketball, football or pickleball team around this community fundraiser.

For more information or to register email

Wear a pirate eyepatch!

A race organizer encourages everyone to don a pirate eyepatch for this year’s race:

Wear the patch so that young parents from Pembroke to Kanata can have the very best place to bring a healthy child into the world. So that when serious injuries or medical conditions occur and seconds count, treatment is around the corner in our top-notch community emergency care. Or our parents, children, spouses, and siblings can come home to recover close to their families in a hospital that has state of the art medical equipment.

Wear the patch in support of our hospital’s campaign to provide our medical professionals with the tools they need to give us the highest standard of care. The government does not pay for large equipment like digital X-ray machines, ultra-sound machines and CAT scanners. The hospital must rely on the support of their community to raise the money for the equipment we have come to expect from a modern medical facility.

And she gives folks an idea of what to expect once they enter:

All the heated discussions about the forces of flotation and drag, drawing on limited high school physics. Marshaling the materials and finding ways to pay for them. Twisting the arms of friends to build or crew. Listening to design suggestions kindly offered by our neighbours as the project took shape in the driveway. Getting our shorts wet as we tested our first effort. Going back to the drawing board. Wondering if we could actually make it across the river and back. Being a bit shocked that we could. All these moments aside, they are not the reason we don the black eye patch.

Get your team together and support your local hospital!