Calling all bread makers and bakers! Join us July 31

Are you a bread maker, a baker wanna-be, someone who loves eating bread or you just love messing around with flour?

Join us on Wednesday, July 31 at 4:00, at the Friendship Oven beside the Almonte library to talk about how we might organize bread baking events and plan some bread making fun.

Oven Homemade Boulanger Bread Cooking

Come and share ideas on how we can use our community oven to plan bread baking days, where people can bring their favourite bread dough and have some fun with like-minded bakers. 

Even if you don’t get a rise out of baking bread come by and learn about the age-old tradition of baking bread at a community oven. Share your ideas with passionate bakers and people who would like to join in on the fun of community cooking  – everyone is welcome! 

If you are interested in learning more but cannot make it on July 31st feel free to email Mary Ann at or Lisa at