‘Chair-raiser’ for Mill Street performance space, July 23

What is a chair-raiser? Good question!

Curious & Kind is a venue with a capacity of 50 people, in the old Almonte Natural Foods location at the bottom of Mill Street. Right now we have 9 chairs and 2 couches. We are hoping to get a few more. Ideally, we’d like to get 50 of the same kind of folding padded chairs so that our guests will be comfortable sitting in our seats.

This is the chair, available at Canadian Tire, and this is where we need your help.

We are putting on a talent show and fundraiser on July 23. If you are a poet, comedian, storyteller, solo musician, dance artist, performance knitter, or you do some sort of magical performance, we’d love to have you do 3-5 minutes of your thing! If you’d like to watch, and help out by donating $20 to buy a chair, or if you’d like to go to the store and buy the recommended chair in the colour of your choice, that would be even better! The evening will close out with the stand-up comedy of one of my favourite comedians and people: Aisha Farhoud, who’ll be flying all the way in from Seattle!

Reserve your performance spot, or indicate your interest in buying a chair or donating by sending a message, or emailing curiousandkindalmonte@gmail.com.