I am a very good boy bunny and cute as a button I’ve been told.  I’m quite a small bunny but full-grown at 3.  I think my mom was a lionhead rabbit. That’s where I got my special hairdo.  It was a mixed marriage and I’ve been fixed, whatever that means.

I am potty trained and I’m used to having the run of the house so I would like a home with lots of freedom.  Also, I need to be the only bunny in the house, which is why my people mother has to find another home for me.  I fight with the other bunny who lives here and I always win, but don’t tell him I said that.  I do like dogs though.  I’ve never met a cat but I think I wouldn’t mind one.  I’m very cuddly and love to be petted, right from my nose down to my tail.

I visited the vet a few weeks ago and Dr. Daren at Mississippi Mills Animal Hospital said I’m very healthy although he did clip my nails.

I love toys, especially cardboard boxes to hide in, run through, get on top of, or chew.  I especially love my nightly apple tree bough to munch on. It keeps my teeth clean and healthy.

I need to eat a lot of hay and some green leafies. Although kibbles are my favourite,  I’m prone to crystals, Dr. Daren says, and kibbles are not good for me.

As you can see for yourself, I am a nice looking bunny, especially with one black and one white side and white toes.

To find out more about me and maybe come for a visit, call my people mom Jane Beall at 613-256-0631 or email butternutfarm@xplornet.com