PNG photos in Millstone submissions: Just Say No

Dear readers,

I’ve been receiving an increasing number of photos for ads and articles in ‘PNG’ format, rather than the much preferred ‘JPG’ format. Please don’t ever, ever, ever send me PNG photos.

I hear you asking why. That’s because PNG photos are freakin’ humongous. They’re often 10 to 20 times larger in file size than the equivalent JPG photo, and thus I have to convert them so as not to slow down the Millstone site unnecessarily — this is especially an issue for readers in MM with slow Internet connections.

I could go into a long and complex web-nerd digression about the difference between the two formats, but the gist is:

If your camera or photo editing software offers you the choice of saving in PNG, Just Say No. Save it as JPG.

Thank you, merci and danke.