The Montessori Learning Garden, located in Almonte, is now ready to accept children.  This is our first year and we plan on starting small and slowly building a real Montessori community.  Montessori is a hands-on method of learning which follows the child’s interests and encourages children to develop self-control by choosing their own activities.

Typically Montessori starts at age 21/2 and builds up from there. Most Montessori classes have a three-year grouping, where the younger children learn from the older ones. At this time we are accepting children between the ages of 21/2 and 6 years old.  

Our mornings will follow a standard Montessori schedule, beginning at 8:30 and going until noon.  Families will have the option to leave their children for a full, or even an extended, day. Our afternoons will follow a Forest School model which encourages the children to be outdoors as much as possible. Our classroom has both an indoor and an outdoor area.

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