Horse Show at the Pakenham Fair, August 17

It’s fair time again and our Pakenham Horse Show has something for everyone!

There are lots of riding and driving classes for Juniors and for the rest of us, as well as some classes just for Seniors.  Then there are the fun classes: the Egg and Spoon race, the Ride A Buck, which refers to a pretend dollar bill (remember those?) under your leg, and Costume Classes for both kids and adults.

One of our most popular classes is called “Take Your Horse to Town”, a fun-filled adventure class for riders.  You leave the barnyard riding among your farm animals, a pig, some chickens, a sheep and various other creatures, and ride out the farm gate, carefully closing it behind you.  You pause and check your mailbox in case there’s a letter waiting for you, and then you cross the bridge to town.  Your first stop is the Blacksmith’s Shop where you dismount and examine each of your horse’s hooves, and if all is well, you remount and back your horse out of the shop.  Next you follow the road to the 5 Span Feed Mill for grain and then you’re on your way home.

This class is a timed event with points for each section completed, and there is a junior and an adult division.  Spectators as well as riders will enjoy this one.

Everyone loves the Pakenham Fair. It has such a welcoming feeling. There’s something for everyone in the family and my husband Pat and I enter just about everything.  He rides and drives his Fjords horses, Emmeline and her daughter Rose, and I drive my mini horse, Prince. The Pakenham Horse Show has a really laid back feeling: no pressure and lots of fun.

If you’re interested in showing and want more information, please contact Janet at or call her at 613-256-4184.  To register, please contact Judy at or call or text 613-250-0795.  The gate fee of $5 must be paid by everyone entering the fairgrounds except for children under 12 who I’m sure you will agree are priceless.  The Horse Show entry fee is $5 for each exhibitor.  Late entries will be accepted the day of the show, subject to a late fee of $5 per exhibitor.

I hope to see you all there on Saturday, August 17th, both riders and drivers, and those who enjoy watching and cheering the participants on!