Raft race tomorrow at Fairgrounds supports AGH

From Mayor Christa Lowry:  

My family asking your family to support our Hospital

What are you up to tomorrow?  Well, I’m going to be refurbishing a raft and paddling it across the Mississippi and back to raise money for the Almonte General Hospital!  Luckily I will have three others aboard that will surely keep us afloat: my sister Julie, cousin Coady and sister-in-law Lindsay.

I keep thinking of a comment I heard a few years ago that all the equipment at AGH is paid for through donations.   I thought that couldn’t be accurate, so I called up Art Solomonian, who happens to be both my next-door neighbour and the Past-Chair of the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor Foundation.

Art confirmed to me that there is no provincial funding for capital equipment at AGH. That means everything from the specialized beds to the IV poles to the imaging equipment is 100% funded by the generosity of our community. I found that pretty surprising, especially since we have a fully equipped, modern hospital.  So the bed you lie in after surgery…the crib your newborn baby sleeps in…. the x-ray machine that confirms the broken bone… the ultrasound used to check on your heart… it’s all paid for by you, me and our neighbours.

At the moment, the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor Foundation is raising $4 million to fund imaging equipment and to purchase a CAT scan which will enable even better care right here, close to home.   If you’d like to make a donation to my rafting team in support of the AGH, please get in touch with me!    All donations of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.   You’re welcome to come down to the Almonte Fairgrounds tomorrow (Saturday)to cheer us on too!  There are community events on all morning and the raft races start at 1:30pm.

Thanks for reading and thanks for considering a pledge of support.  We are so darn lucky to have this facility in our community.