Installation of Bell fibre: Why not us?

As all neighbours in my neighbourhood are aware, Bell has been busy for at least a month putting the underground infrastructure in place to hook us up with Bell fibre capability. Most streets in the neighbourhood including Jamison, Vaughn, Tait Mackenzie, Metcalfe etc have most of the work done.

Preparations for the work and the underground tunnelling under lawns and driveways required are really quite elaborate. The contractor doing the work does their level best to restore the property to decent shape once the work is completed.

Everything appeared to be progressing as planned until the contractor started on Fairborn Brothers and Dr. Bach Streets. Then the work stopped. A hiatus?….nobody in the neighbourhood seems sure. Have they abandoned these two streets altogether? Nobody seems to know. This much we have heard through the rumour mill: The contractor hit rock (granite) when they began these streets. The work came to a stop on Dr. Bach and Fairbairn Brothers Streets… Sooo – I have some questions for the contractor, Bell and my municipal government:

1. Is it true the contractor has suspended work either temporarily or for good on these two streets?

2. Is it true that the problem on these two streets is the presence of rock beneath the surface?

3. If rock is the issue does Bell/the contractor have the technology to deal with the problem and get the fibre cable installed?

4. If you do have the technology why the delay? Is this a question of cost?

5. If the technology is available and rather this is a question of cost and profit margins for the contractor will you Bell provide the resources necessary to get this job done?

6. To Bell: If the cost of completing these streets versus return on cost is marginal or negative, is it likely that you would invoke your goodwill and generosity to agree to complete the neighbourhood that all (should they so choose) would have to access Bell fibre not just 85% of the neighbourhood?

7. To our Mayor and Council: surely you will intervene to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the installation of fibre in our neighbourhood?

With respect to all particularly my neighbours

Jim Moore