An alameda for Almonte

al·​a·​me·​da | a-lə-ˈmē-də : a public promenade bordered with trees; Spanish, from álamo, poplar

Final plans for the creation of an ‘alameda’ or ‘allee’ or tree-lined path on a stretch of the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail are very near completion.

The goal is to plant a double row of sugar maples along a 900′ section of the trail behind the Library next spring. Both the municipality and county have endorsed the plan. Various local groups and residents are working on the project and it will be entirely funded privately.

This is where you come in.

The alameda will depend on residents buying the trees to be planted along the trail. The expected price per tree — each big enough to have a strong chance of survival — is $200. People who have already expressed interested are thinking of buying trees as memorials to loved ones. Others simply want to help beautify the heart of town.

More details will be available very soon. If you’re interested in possibly buying a tree, let the organizers know via this online form.

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