Mississippi Mills artist Adrian Baker has a solo exhibition at the Ottawa Art Gallery’s Galerie Annexe from September 26 to November 3, 2019.  The vernissage takes place on October 3, from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.

Baker’s studio is in Appleton, and her show “Watershed” is based on work inspired by the Mississippi watershed in Eastern Ontario. The show is a collection of multi-media paintings on canvas and wood that highlight elements of the environment, the perceived value of nature, and imagined futures.

“My recent work is both a visual reflection on our connection — or disconnect — with nature, and the effects of human activity on the environment, particularly on our waterways. Recent devastating floods along the Ottawa River watershed reinforce the fact that we need to remain cognizant of how our actions cause reactions in the ecosystem.”

Baker’s show is based on many years researching and observing subtle changes in forest life and water health of the Mississippi watershed, contrasted against the permanence of the pre-Cambrian shield. In season she works on-site — painting, sketching and photographing the natural elements of the watershed and how people interact with them.

“These paintings are not meant to be ‘harbingers of doom’, but rather to be uplifting – and sometimes humorous – visual reminders of the wonders of nature, and of our own inexorable connection to the natural world.”

Galerie Annexe – Ottawa Art Gallery
50 Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa
613-233-8699 x234